New Church

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New Church:

see New Jerusalem, Church of theNew Jerusalem, Church of the,
or New Church,
religious body instituted by the followers of Emanuel Swedenborg, who are generally called Swedenborgians. Knowledge of Swedenborg's teachings was spread in England largely by two clergymen, Thomas Hartley and John Clowes,
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To celebrate the occasion A History of the Dalton Society of the New Church has been compiled giving a fascinating account of its birth and how it has prospered over the years.
The new church in Musaffah will be a blessing to many Catholics who travel from the outskirts of the city to attend weekly services in Al Mushrif," church leaders said.
Then, by sharing the Word of God, it becomes a Heavenly Feeling of Love - a blissful union with the Divine within - Swedenborg's New Church.
The new church for the Orthodox Syriac community will be a mean to boosting brotherhood between Muslims and Syriac community, Gurdal said in a press statement.
Announcement of competition: Purchase of church chairs for EalgENrd new church.
The groundbreaking will be held at the site of the new church on the west side of Lexington Street across from the ShadowGlen Golf Club (12801 Lexington Street, Manor, TX 78653).
A FORMER factory will be demolished and a new church and community centre will be built if new plans get the go-ahead.
PEOPLE are being asked to give their views on plans to build a new church and pastoral centre in Coventry.
SPARKBROOK has a new church - eight years after the original Victorian building was so badly damaged by a tornado it had to be demolished.
A new church is also under construction in Ras Al Khaimah on a bigger compound compared to the existing church there, he said.
We expect the new church to have higher visibility in today's society to give witness to the Good News," said Pastor Joel Dautheville, EELF president.
I witness how after each opening of a new church people's faces change, and they start seeing the future with more optimism," the PM declared.