New Democratic party

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New Democratic party

(NDP), Canadian political party, founded in 1961 when the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) reorganized itself and entered into close ties with Canadian labor unions, especially the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC). The CCF, formed in 1932, began as a largely W Canadian federation of farm, labor, and socialist groups with a democratic socialist program of increased welfare measures, moderate nationalization, and government economic planning. It had some success, especially in western provinces, and was the majority party in Saskatchewan (1944–64). Since then the NDP has put less emphasis on specific socialist proposals in an attempt to broaden its appeal. Its gradual movement away from strongly socialist policies ultimately led in 2014 to the removal of references to socialism from its constitution.

Under the leadership of Thomas C. Douglas (1961–71), David Lewis (1971–75), Edward BroadbentBroadbent, Ed
(John Edward Broadbent), 1936–, Canadian political leader. After studying at the Univ. of Toronto (Ph.D., 1966) and the London School of Economics, he taught political science at York Univ.
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 (1977–89), and Audrey McLaughlin (1989–95, the first woman to head a Canadian national political party), the party improved its showing in E Canada, but its main strength remained in the west, where, since the 1970s, it has formed provincial governments at various times in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and (in the 21st cent.) Alberta. The NDP also has held power in Ontario (1990–95), Nova Scotia (2006–13) and Yukon (1985–92, 1996–2000). Alexa McDonough became party leader in 1995; Jack LaytonLayton, Jack
(John Gilbert Layton), 1950–2011, Canadian political leader, grad. McGill Univ. (B.A., 1970), York Univ. (M.A., 1971; Ph.D., 1983). A social democrat from a political family, he served on the Toronto city council (1982–2003) and ran (1991) unsuccessfully
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 succeeded her in 2003. The elections of 1993, 1997, and 2000 saw the NDP's representation in Ottawa severely reduced, but those of 2004, 2006, and 2008 reversed that trend, and in 2011 the NDP won 103 seats—the second largest bloc—to become the official opposition. Seriously ill, Layton took a health leave from the leadership in mid-2011; after his death, Thomas Mulcair was elected (2012) to succeed him. The NDP suffered significant losses and placed third in the 2015 elections.

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She became Vancouver's youngest city councillor in 1993 before campaigning to become the New Democratic Party MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant in 1996.
Having fully researched and analysed the German DAX 30, we have found that following the Greek election results and subsequent victory of the New Democratic Party - supporters of Greece as part of the eurozone - you can begin to plan your spread betting strategy.
The new ruling party has formed a coalition with Chart Thai Pattana, Mahachon, New Democratic Party, Palangchon and Chart Pattana Puea Pandin.
Linda Duncan, re-elected MP for the New Democratic Party in the federal Edmonton riding, was appointed by Official Opposition leader Jack Layton as Aboriginal affairs and northern development critic opposite Conservative John Duncan.
Woodworth, the important Canadian social reformer who emphasized the promotion of human welfare above the interests of big business and was the original leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, the fore-runner of today's New Democratic Party.
Jack Layton, 60, the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), was discovered lying on a bed in a room with a 5ft 10in Asian woman in her mid-20s during a police search for underage prostitutes in 1996.
Amidst severe criticism from the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), the Gonsalves Unity Labour Party administration privatized the NCB in October.
The opposition New Democratic Party, which had assailed Gonsalves during the campaign for moving close to Cuba, Venezuela, Libya and Iran, saw its representation more than double from three seats to seven.
Demonstrating that they had mastered the fickle nature of the American electorate, the Jacksonian leadership effectively mobilized the rank and file of the new Democratic Party, in the process propelling an outsider, who in their eyes was untouched by "intrigue and corruption," into Washington, where he would become "the defender of true republicanism" (p.
and Sudan's new Democratic party candidate Muneer Sheikh Al-deen.
We understand that the New Democratic Party opposes the proposed new harmonized tax, along with church and charity groups, senior citizens, as well as all lower-income families.
S&P said its downgrades reflect its view that there is an increased likelihood that JAL's restructuring plan, overseen by the new Democratic Party of Japan-led government, will include debt burden reductions in the form of debt-for-equity swaps, debt forgiveness or legal protection, which negatively affect ratings according to its definitions.

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