New Forest National Park

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New Forest National Park,

c.220 sq mi (570 sq km), Hampshire and Wiltshire, S England. Lying mainly in the New Forest dist., SW Hampshire, between the cities of Bournemouth and Southampton, it is roughly bounded by the River Avon, the Solent, Southampton Water, and the River Blackwater. William I organized the area in 1079 as a royal forest to provide revenue and timber. After 1877 the Court of Verderers administered the forest as a public park, and in 2005 the national park was established. The wooded areas contain mostly oak and beech trees as well as extensive tracts of bog and heath. Some 34,000 people live in small towns and villages within the park, and about one fourth of the land in the park is cultivated. Pigs and cattle are raised, and the park is famed for its wild ponies.
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The New Forest National Park Authority is seeking to set-up a public bike system, initially in the south east corner of the National Park.
But pylons and cables stretched through beauty spots such as Longdendale in the Peak District, the New Forest National Park west of Southampton and towards Verwood in Dorset, the South Downs National Park, particularly around Petersfield; the Cotswolds and the North Wessex Downs, the CPRE said.
There are plenty of free things to do in the 90,000-acre New Forest National Park.
He said, 'I am not convinced the New Forest National Park will add anything to the work of conservation of other agencies.
The New Forest National Park Authority have been successful in securing funding of Au2m for a public bike sharing scheme.
Dr Alex Rogers said: "We're hoping that the millions of visitors to the New Forest National Park can use their smartphones to help us locate any remaining colonies of the cicada that might be in the forest.