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India: see GoaGoa
, state (2001 provisional pop. 1,343,998), c.1,430 sq mi (3,700 sq km), W India, on the Malabar coast. A former Portuguese colony and Indian union territory, Goa became a state in 1987. The capital is Panaji (Panjim). The chief products are rice, cashew nuts, and coconuts.
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(or Panjim; formerly Nova Goa), a city on the west coast of India. Administrative center of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman (Damâo), and Diu. Population, 34,600 (1960). Panaji is a port on the Arabian Sea.


, Panaji
the capital of the Indian state of Goa (formerly capital of the union territory of Goa, Daman, and Diu until 1987): a port on the Arabian Sea on the coast of Goa. Pop.: 58 785 (2001)
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