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New Hanover



(lävông`ī), volcanic island, c.460 sq mi (1,190 sq km), in the Bismarck ArchipelagoBismarck Archipelago,
volcanic island group, 19,200 sq mi (49,730 sq km), SW Pacific, a part of Papua New Guinea. The group includes New Britain (the largest island), New Ireland, the Admiralty Islands, the Mussau Islands, New Hanover, the Vitu Islands, and the Duke of York
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, part of Papua New Guinea. New Hanover is mountainous and densely forested. Coconuts, fishing, and timber are economically important. The island is known for long canoes, capable of holding 30 people. Germany, which held the island from 1884 until World War I, called it Neu Hannover.
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I'll prove it to you," he announced, beckoning to the black New Hanover boy, a labor recruit, who served as cook and general house servant.
The little New Hanover boy had been frightened, but had proved faithful, following him without hesitancy into the bush in the quest after the source of the wonderful sound.
Headquartered in Kinston, North Carolina, The little bank currently serves the Lenoir, Wayne, Onslow, Pitt, Craven and New Hanover county markets.
The new Hanover office will allow Blackrock to better serve its European customers and development partners with exceptional local service and support.
As a result, the public will have another opportunity to comment on the issuance of the permit, said Robert Brant, an attorney who was hired by New Hanover Township to serve as special counsel for dealings with Gibraltar Rock.
told members of the New Hanover County Airport Authority that they won't have to hire exit lane monitors.
com)-- As the elder population continues to rise in New Hanover and Brunswick counties, so has the need for experts who specialize in protecting their rights.
In exchange, the dog bit the fugitive, who was treated for wounds to his thigh at New Hanover Regional Medical Center before the police took him to jail.
Musician and composer Stephen Grieco, dean of arts and humanities at Pennsylvania's Montgomery County Community College, will premiere his newest musical composition, "Images of My Father" at the New Hanover Lutheran Church in Gilbertsville, Penn.
and Armani (internal medicine, New Hanover Regional Medical Center) bring together 15 chapters that examine racial and ethnic healthcare disparities relating to cardiovascular disease in the US in terms of risk factor prevalence, disease states, and outcomes.
In North Carolina, the New Hanover County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has come up with a novel way of educating their customers about where their taxes (and the profits the ABC Board makes) actually go.

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