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In addition to rediscovering Varanus douarrha, the researchers also note in their study their genetic analysis shows another monitor lizard, Varanus indicus, is "a relatively recent immigrant to the Bismarck Islands," the archipelago to the northeast of New Guinea where ( New Ireland  is located.
Nevertheless, I had a quite unexpected and very enlightening interaction on this subject with two men in New Ireland who told me much more than I would have dared, or known how, to ask, only 6 weeks into my first field work.
Bank of Ireland has still to dispose of its UK business and corporate banking activities as well as of the Irish operations in the intermediary mortgage segment by shedding portions of ICS Building Society.Country: IrelandSector: InsuranceTarget: New Ireland Assurance Company Plc (NIAC)Buyer: Unnamed parties.Vendor: Bank of Ireland Type: DivestmentStatus: Terminated
The London-based multinational financial services company will cover annuities purchased by individuals as well as bulk annuities purchased by pension schemes for New Ireland Assurance component of the Bank of Ireland Group that provides life, pensions and investment solutions to individual and corporate clients.
Steve Stauton is still waiting to be confirmed as the new Ireland manager and the delay in the FAI's appointment has persuaded some Betfair punters to question whether the Walsall player/coach is a certainty for the job.
SRD, based in Beverley, UK, has carried out a 325-square-km subsea survey in the New Ireland archipelago, approximately 1,000 km northeast of Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby.
So what is this New Ireland about which they write?
PNG, located to the north of Australia, consists of the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, as well as numerous offshore islands, including New Britain, New Ireland and Bougainville.
The new Ireland coach also praised England man-of-match Jonny Wilkinson and said: "He gave a complete performance.
Such comments are hardly surprising given the prominent invocation of the Irish Renaissance in key "New Negro" documents, such as the praise of John Synge as an inspiration for black writers by James Weldon Johnson in the preface to the seminal Book of American Negro Poetry (1922) and the analogy between Dublin as the center of the "New Ireland" and Harlem as the locus of the "New Negro" in Locke's introductory essay to The New Negro (1925).
The book concerns the relations and discussions between Declan, his friends, and his sister, mother, and grandmother, and offers a tapestry of the new Ireland. (Note: The Booker Prize is worth [pound]25,000--about $40,000--but commonly trans lates into many more hardback and paperback sales, in Britain and elsewhere.