New Kramatorsk Machine-Building Plant

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New Kramatorsk Machine-Building Plant


(full name, V. I. Lenin New Kramatorsk Machine-building Plant), one of the largest enterprises for heavy machine building in the USSR; built during the first five-year plans. Began operation in 1934. The plant is located in the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. It manufactures rolling mills, mining and metallurgical equipment, and heavy forging and pressing machinery; it is also the largest supplier of special castings and forgings for turbine construction. It also supplies walking excavators with bucket capacities of 5 and 10 cu m, caterpillar-mounted stripping, bucket excavators with scoop bucket of 15–35 cu m and more, complex continuous-operation mine haulage assemblies with capacities of 5,000 cu m per hour, shaft hoists with drum diameters of 4–9 m, ore-grinding mills with drum diameters of 3.2–5.5 m, and mixers with capacities of 420, 1,300, and 2,500 tons. Some of the items manufactured by the plant have been awarded the State Seal of Quality.

In 1941 the plant’s equipment was evacuated to the Southern Urals, Siberia (Orsk and Iurga), and the city of Elekgtrostal’, Moscow Oblast. After the liberation of Kramatorsk from the fascist German occupation, the plant began production of equipment needed to rebuild the national economy.

In 1964 the plant was named in honor of V. I. Lenin. During the eighth five-year plan (1966–70) the plant produced 17 rolling mills, 195 mechanical shovels, five complex rotary assemblies of continuous-operation mine-haulage equipment, 271 shaft hoists, 346 ore-grinding and coal-grinding mills, 41 special forging and pressing units, and more than 145,000 tons of special forgings and 100,000 tons of castings for machine building. The model 2000 wide-strip hot rolling mill built by the plant for the New Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant is one of the largest in Europe in terms of capacity.

The plant has modernized 15 rolling mills, 35 metallurgical cranes, and about 100 shaft hoists. As a result of modernization of rolling mills alone, the country’s production of rolled stock increased by 7.5 million tons annually. The plant has been awarded the Order of Lenin (1945) and the Order of October Revolution (1971).


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