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New London,

city (1990 pop. 24,540), New London co., SE Conn., on the Thames River near its mouth on Long Island Sound; laid out 1646 by John Winthrop, inc. 1784. It is a deepwater port of entry, with shipbuilding, high-technology research and engineering, pharmaceutical research, building materials, fishing, tourism, and other industries. New London survived a partial burning by the British under Benedict ArnoldArnold, Benedict,
1741–1801, American Revolutionary general and traitor, b. Norwich, Conn. As a youth he served for a time in the colonial militia in the French and Indian Wars. He later became a prosperous merchant.
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 in 1781 and a British blockade during the War of 1812. The city reached the height of its maritime prosperity in the 19th cent., when it flourished as a shipping, shipbuilding, and whaling port. The excellent harbor is used by the U.S. navy as a principal submarine base and by yachters and students of the United States Coast Guard Academy (located in the city). Annual Yale-Harvard boat races are held on the Thames. Connecticut College and Mitchell College are there. The city has a whaling museum, an art museum, and many old buildings, including the Hempsted House (1678) and the old town mill (1650). Old Fort Trumbull, built in 1849, is a state historical park.

New London


a city in the northeastern USA, in the state of Connecticut. Population, 32,000 (1970); with the neighboring cities of Norwich and Groton and the general suburban area, 200,000. New London is a port where the Thames River empties into Long Island Sound. Industries include machine building, metalworking, textiles, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and shipbuilding. The city has a submarine base. New London was founded in 1646.

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the accounting firm it claimed failed on several counts to detect fraudulent activity in an investment account held by New London.
We hope that our community here in New London will serve as a model to others around the state and the nation.
While those participating in the meetings agreed that downtown New London has seen vast improvements over the past nine years, some of the same issues that were present in 2001 were also discussed--remaining vacant store fronts, the desire for additional foot traffic, insufficient street parking for downtown residents, limited public transportation to access downtown including the disconnect between local colleges and the downtown district and inconvenient traffic flow for both residents and visitors.
State-of-the-art computers and telecommunication systems are integrated into the building to provide a truly modern and futuristic facility that benefits the city of New London and all surrounding areas.
In 2000, the city of New London, approved a development plan projected to create more than 1,000 jobs, increase tax and other revenues and revitalize the economically distressed city.
This would have been in harmony with the constitutional mechanisms intended to contain the damage done by corrupt, scheming officials such as those at work in New London.
From 1991 to 2000, babesiosis was diagnosed in 230 persons residing in New London County and adjacent Middlesex County, Connecticut (7).
Despite the advent of broadband and remote working practices, the need for physical access to do deals and monitor activity is still as great as it ever was, and the new London service finally provides a solution.
99 plastic alarm clock to New London clocks," which will retail for up to $275.
Born in Chicago, Goodnight was raised in New London, Connecticut and Boston, Massachusetts, where he currently resides.
a suburb of New London, The new facility is a $15 million, 113-apartment community, opened.
Connecticut College in New London had its spring dance club and senior major dance concert in April and May.