New Spain

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New Spain:

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, Span. México or Méjico , officially United Mexican States, republic (2015 est. pop. 125,891,000), 753,665 sq mi (1,952,500 sq km), S North America.
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, country.
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In New Spain he favored giving more opportunities to Creoles, thereby cementing bonds of trust and reciprocal interest.
Lara analyzes the art, architecture and liturgy used to evangelize New Spain. He says that friars often "recycled" Aztec religious symbols, which were then "Christianized" by a simple change in root metaphors.
And if indeed he did not exaggerate, then what do his quotidian tasks and workload tell us about the municipal criminal justice system, especially the nature of judicial proceedings, at a critical time of rapid urban growth, expanding poverty, and government and elite fears of social disorder and popular unrest in the capital of the Viceroyalty of New Spain? While I am not able to reconstruct Espinosa's particular work routine from the existing records, it is possible to assess his petitions, and ultimately the nature of criminal judicial procedure, by reconstructing a "typical" day in the life of an escribano who worked in the lower criminal courts of Mexico City in the decades before the outbreak of the tumultuous independence movement in 1810.
In 1598 Don Juan de Onate, who had been appointed governor of the territory of New Mexico, set out with a party of 500 colonists, including ten Franciscans, to establish Spanish settlements along New Spain's frontier.
In 1808, aftershocks of the 1776 American and 1789 French revolutions upended the monarchy in Madrid and therefore the regime in New Spain, says Tutina, and he focuses on the colonial capital of Mexico City to examine the extent and effects of the fall of the silver empire.
Scholars have previously recognized this period as key for understanding the war of independence that broke throughout New Spain. Most books on the subject dedicate at least one chapter to those years.
Two David Silva goals gave new Spain coach Julen Lopetegui the ideal start with a 2-0 win that ensured a tough debut for his Belgium counterpart Roberto Martinez in a friendly on Thursday.
As it is described at the exhibit hall, the galleon's return voyage from Manila to Mexico, then called New Spain, was a naval and cultural feat that linked the civilizations of the Asia-Pacific and the New World, and turned Spain into a global power that dominated territories on diverse continents.
During the early colonial period, Mexico, then known as the viceroyalty of New Spain, became a lucrative center for Trans-Atlantic enslavement.
Patronage thus allowed the younger Galvez to pursue an accelerated military career that took him from Portugal to New Spain's northern frontier, back to Spain, and then to Algiers.
Beginning with the 1833 cholera epidemic, Stevens draws on parish archives and other sources to tell stories about the intimate decisions, hopes, aspirations, and religious commitments of Mexican men and women as they made their way through the transition from the Viceroyalty of New Spain to an independent republic.

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