New Stone Age

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New Stone Age:

see Neolithic periodNeolithic period
or New Stone Age.
The term neolithic is used, especially in archaeology and anthropology, to designate a stage of cultural evolution or technological development characterized by the use of stone tools, the existence of settled villages largely
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"The area really is a magical spot and each discovery shows New Stone Age man was a lot cleverer than we first thought," said Roger.
Roy Noble was delighted to discover he had an interesting link to the Neolithic period - the New Stone Age. Scientists working on the project discovered that Roy belongs to the haplogroup G2a which is uncommon in Wales and which dates back to the first people to bring farming to Wales from Europe and the Near East, six thousand years ago.
That was during the Neolithic or New Stone Age, before the invention of metalworking, and when the Rockfield Estate, like most of Monmouth, was under a post-glacial lake which had formed at the end of the Ice Age, some 11,000 years ago.
The day before the event, Ian and Nikki were reportedly spotted on an early jewelry shopping spree with lots of public display of affection (PDA) at New Stone Age in West Hollywood.
The change from a hunter-gatherer to a farming way of life is what defines the start of the Neolithic or New Stone Age. It used to be believed that the introduction of farming into Britain was the result of a huge migration from across the Channel.
We traipsed along ancient trackways used by New Stone Age tribes, Romans, drovers and then quarrymen.
The remains of the pentagon-shaped structure, dating back to the Yangshao culture era of 5,000 to 3,000 BC in the New Stone Age, was uncovered at the Xiahe Site in Baishui county, reports
Without delving into whether--and if so how--it works, Field (Chinese, Trinity U., Texas) describes how divination evolved in Chinese society from the New Stone Age in the seventh to second millennia BCE, to the close of the classical period at the founding of the Qin dynasty in 221 BCE.
Archaeologists at work on what may be the second New Stone Age site ever found in North Wales, at Borras
It seems that they were prehistoric men and women, from either the later stages of the Neolithic Age (New Stone Age) or the early Bronze Age.
No wonder Hollywood is talking about a new Stone Age.
Excavations at 'Ain Ghazal--a site in present-day Jordan that dates back to Neolithic, or New Stone Age, times--have yielded what investigators say is a "rare symbol of early ceremonial treatment of the dead"--a plastered human skull.