New Stone Age

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New Stone Age:

see Neolithic periodNeolithic period
or New Stone Age.
The term neolithic is used, especially in archaeology and anthropology, to designate a stage of cultural evolution or technological development characterized by the use of stone tools, the existence of settled villages largely
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The area really is a magical spot and each discovery shows New Stone Age man was a lot cleverer than we first thought," said Roger.
Flints found at the site include a Bronze Age "thumb scraper" made from a New Stone Age polished flint axe, which was thousands of years older.
Texas) describes how divination evolved in Chinese society from the New Stone Age in the seventh to second millennia BCE, to the close of the classical period at the founding of the Qin dynasty in 221 BCE.
Archaeologists at work on what may be the second New Stone Age site ever found in North Wales, at Borras
No wonder Hollywood is talking about a new Stone Age.
Excavations at 'Ain Ghazal--a site in present-day Jordan that dates back to Neolithic, or New Stone Age, times--have yielded what investigators say is a "rare symbol of early ceremonial treatment of the dead"--a plastered human skull.
But experts have suggested that the structure's size and the fact it was made from entire trees mean it could be a "long house" - raising the possibility it could date as far back as the New Stone Age (the Neolithic Age) and could pre-date the Pyramids from 3,000-2,000BC.
Others came from Neolithic, or New Stone Age, locations dating to between 10,000 and 8,000 years ago.
Taco Bell's massive distribution helps to drive the promotion and expose the new Stone Age Style to millions of consumers," states Pamela Kaufman, T.
2700 BC is not Iron Age nor yet is it Bronze Age - it is Neolithic - what used to be called the New Stone Age.
Megalithic tombs, made of large boulders set on end and covered with massive capstones, are among the most spectacular reminders of the Neolithic, or New Stone Age, era.