New Stone Age

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New Stone Age:

see Neolithic periodNeolithic period
or New Stone Age.
The term neolithic is used, especially in archaeology and anthropology, to designate a stage of cultural evolution or technological development characterized by the use of stone tools, the existence of settled villages largely
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The 30 caves cover a timeline spanning from the Old Stone Age (about 30,000 years from now) to the New Stone Age (about 2,500 years ago), but so far the team hasn't found human remains, which might be ascribed to the high humidity in the caves, he said.
In 1907, two London archaeologists discovered a New Stone Age 'flint' factory on nearby farming land.
They lived during a phase of the Neolithic period, or New Stone Age, when hunter-gatherer and agricultural groups coexisted in the Middle East.
Formula 409[R] Natural Stone Cleaner Welcomes the New Stone Age (02/12/08, 04:35) SOURCE: The Clorox Company
Roy Noble was delighted to discover he had an interesting link to the Neolithic period - the New Stone Age.
That was during the Neolithic or New Stone Age, before the invention of metalworking, and when the Rockfield Estate, like most of Monmouth, was under a post-glacial lake which had formed at the end of the Ice Age, some 11,000 years ago.
The day before the event, Ian and Nikki were reportedly spotted on an early jewelry shopping spree with lots of public display of affection (PDA) at New Stone Age in West Hollywood.
We traipsed along ancient trackways used by New Stone Age tribes, Romans, drovers and then quarrymen.
The remains of the pentagon-shaped structure, dating back to the Yangshao culture era of 5,000 to 3,000 BC in the New Stone Age, was uncovered at the Xiahe Site in Baishui county, reports English.
Raqa, eastern Syria, (SANA)- The Syrian-Japanese archeological expedition working in Al-Bishri Mountain in Raqqa governorate, unearthed a house dating back to the New Stone Age (Neolithic Era) in Rohoum site, 70 km south of the city of Raqa.