New Style dates

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New Style dates:

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[Lat., from Kalends], system of reckoning time for the practical purpose of recording past events and calculating dates for future plans. The calendar is based on noting ordinary and easily observable natural events, the cycle of the sun through the seasons with equinox
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Matlock Feast was at first advertised to take place Old Style, on 12 September rather than 1 September, but a counter-advertisement was issued for the New Style date, claiming that the previous announcement "was publish'd, without the approbation, or consent, of the minister, church-wardens, or other officers, as well as most of the better sort of families, in the said parish".
127) In Bristol, the annual celebrations of the birthday of the Jacobite Tory Edward Colston moved straight to the New Style date in 1752,(128) while the Young Pretender himself (long resident in Gregorian lands) used New Style dating on a commemorative medal issued to his supporters shortly after the calendar reform came into effect.
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