State University of New York

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New York, State University of,

est. 1948 by the amalgamation under one board of trustees of 29 state-supported institutions. It now comprises all state-supported institutions of higher education, with the exception of the senior colleges of the City Univ. of New York. The university consists of over 60 campuses throughout the state, including 4 main university centers (at Albany; Binghamton; Stony Brook; and Buffalo), 2 university medical centers, 13 university colleges, 9 specialized colleges and schools, 8 technology colleges, and many community colleges, as well as extension centers throughout the state. Research programs include the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center and the Center for International Studies and World Affairs (with headquarters at Albany), the Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Marine Sciences Research Center (Stony Brook), and the Western New York Nuclear Research Center and the Center for Immunology (Buffalo). The system has a total enrollment of more than 460,000, making it the largest state university system in the country.

State University of New York

(SUNY) The public university system of New York State, USA, with campuses throughout the state.
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In New York, State University of New York colleges that lack an upper-division BSN nursing curriculum should consider establishing such a program.
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