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New York Central RR,

U.S. transportation compay formed in 1853 by the consolidation of many small New York state railroads. In 1867, Cornelius Vanderbilt became president of the railroad and, through a series of mergers, formed the New York Central and Hudson River RR Company, linking New York City with Buffalo. Vanderbilt continued to expand his railroad empire through financial maneuvers, and in the 20th cent. New York Central trains reached as far west as St. Louis, with trunk lines in six states. In 1914 the railroad reverted to its original name. By 1930, having absorbed other large railroads, the New York Central was one of the leading railroads connecting the Eastern seaboard with Midwestern cities. The only railroad having freight connections into Manhattan, it was an important factor in New York City's food supply. The New York Central was responsible for many technological innovations, including the first sleeping car, the first high-powered brakes, and the first centralized traffic-control system. In 1968, after a long legal battle that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, the New York Central and the Pennsylvania railroads merged to form the Penn Central CompanyPenn Central Company,
former U.S. transportation company, formed in 1968 by the merger of the New York Central RR and the Pennsylvania RR. By the early 1970s the railroad was bankrupt; in 1976 the U.S.
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. At the time of merger, the New York Central operated in 11 states and 2 Canadian provinces.
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His father deserted a wife and seven children when Puzo was 12, and the young boy took a job with the New York Central Railroad.
His father, who was a railroad trackman for the New York Central Railroad, deserted the family when Mario was 12, leaving his wife, Maria, to raise their seven children.
In 1916, recruiters from the New York Central Railroad brought Malone and other black men to Cleveland.
flag that was flown in mourning above the New York Central Railroad Station at Albany on April 26, 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Train stopped there on its journey to Springfield, IL.
This is not new; in 1883, when questioned by a reporter about the discontinuance of an express mail train that was popular with the public, New York Central Railroad magnate and Robber Baron William Henry Vanderbilt responded 'The public be damned
Grand Central Terminal, which opened in 1871 as the Grand Central Depot, was built by and named for the New York Central Railroad at a cost of $6.
James was a brakeman for the New York Central Railroad, retiring in 1997 due to illness.
The show hall was the first of a series of buildings constructed by New York Central Railroad, which owned the air rights over the tracks leading to Grand Central Terminal.
New York Central Railroad (CR, EMD) was organized from 10 roads paralleling the Erie Canal between Albany and Buffalo, N.
White was a yard manager for the New York Central Railroad where he worked for 40 years until retiring.
But as the New York Central Railroad, owner of the station, merged with Pennsylvania Railroad, economic decline sparked another effort to build a tower, as high as 55 stories, atop Grand Central.
The New York Central Railroad began construction of the station in 1904 to replace the outgrown Grand Central Depot.

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