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the language of the Newar. Spoken in the central valley of Nepal by more than 500,000 people (1971, estimate), Newari is a nonpronominalized Himalayan language (that is, the verb does not change according to person) related to the Tibeto-Burman languages. A distinction is made between classical Newari, the language of surviving 12th-century texts, which experienced strong Indian influence, and the present-day spoken language. Newari has fewer than 40 phonemes. Syllables have a rigidly defined form. Primarily syllabic suffixes are used in the grammar. Verb conjugation is strongly developed. Word order is constant: subject-object-predicate. The attribute precedes the dependent member. Newari uses Nepali script or its own, Indian-related, writing system.


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(14) The basic points made here were originally published in a Newari yearly magazine Nhasala in 1987, causing considerable discussion.
For example, for twenty five years Subedi has been observing a Newari community in the Kathmandu valley (Subedi 2011).
Rather than brick for insulation while firing, Newari pottery is covered only with ash.
The Nepalese Legacy in Tibetan Painting, which was curated by David Jackson and on exhibit from September 2010 through May 2011, sought to challenge the previously limited geographical scope and chronological development of the Newari Beri style of painting from the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.
4 -- Nepal's Tripitaka Anupadana Mandalaya (Preparatory Council) has launched a massive program to translate the Buddhist Pali Tripitaka into the Nepalese language of Newari - one of the country's oldest languages - within the next two years.
Computer scientists are still struggling to develop tools for deciphering complex handwritten text in different scripts (such as Newari, Grantha, Nandinagari, Telugu, etc.) of different styles belonging to different time-periods.
This the Maoists did cleverly, with song and dance, the recitation of poetry and jokes, and cleverly-choreographed processions, such as the one where a group of YCL cadre simulated the funeral procession of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, which had the normally impassive Newari observers of Lalitpur's inner lanes laughing.
"One of our most memorable moments was the Newari feast that was prepared for us that was held in the evening at an ancient, candlelit Newari temple," Welsh said.
These religious paintings, used both to enhance and to record the contemplative experience, were known as paubha, the Newari term for the kind of painting called thangka in Tibet (3).
Order a Newari khaja set and what you'll receive will resemble the thali mentioned above, except with the chiura rice, raw garlic and ginger, spicy cooked vegetables and roasted soy beans.