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city (1990 pop. 16,317), a seat of Essex co., NE Mass., at the mouth of the Merrimack River; settled 1635, set off from Newbury and inc. 1764. Its silverware industry dates from colonial times; textiles, scientific instruments, and electronic equipment are also made there, and tourism is important to the economy. An early shipbuilding, whaling, and shipping center, it declined after Jefferson's embargo of 1808 and the War of 1812. Its notable old houses include the Coffin House (c.1651), the Swett-Isley House (c.1671), and the Short House (c.1732). William Lloyd GarrisonGarrison, William Lloyd,
1805–79, American abolitionist, b. Newburyport, Mass. He supplemented his limited schooling with newspaper work and in 1829 went to Baltimore to aid Benjamin Lundy in publishing the Genius of Universal Emancipation.
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 and Francis Cabot LowellLowell, Francis Cabot,
1775–1817, pioneer American cotton manufacturer, b. Newburyport, Mass.; son of John Lowell (1743–1802). A merchant in Boston, he traveled (1810) to England, where he studied closely the new machinery used in the textile industry of Lancashire.
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 were born in Newburyport.
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In her Newburyport store she sells things she loves—like gorgeous Roberta Roller Rabbit bedding and accessories.
The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, as the non-Federal public sponsor, along with the city of Newburyport and the towns of Newbury and Salisbury, will cost-share the work.
We are housed in a 73,000 square foot facility in Newburyport, MA.
EGA has offices in Des Moines, Iowa, and Newburyport, Massachusetts.
Based in Newburyport, MA, Cabot had sales of approximately $58 million in 2004.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, 3 Graf Road, Newburyport, MA 01950; (800) 757-5383 or (978) 462-8056; fax (978) 462-3561;
Ferraz Shawmut, 374 Merrimac St., Newburyport, MA 01950-1998; (978) 462-6662; Fax: (978) 462-0181;
Smith, who is now a technology coordinator and robotics teacher at Newburyport High School in Newburyport, Massachusetts, feels the educational shift handicaps students--and not just the kids who might have used the technology courses as a means of finding or learning a trade.
At Newburyport High in Massachusetts, the shop classes have been upgraded to prepare students for 21st-century careers.
For the next twenty years, scholars interested in demography, industrialization, class formation, and mobility made cities--great capitals like London and Paris, as well as lesser known places like Newburyport, Hamilton, and Bochum--their units of analysis.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, 3 Graf Rd., Unit #14, Newburyport, MA 01950.