Newport Jazz Festival

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Newport Jazz Festival,

annual summer music festival, probably the best known of all such festivals, held at Newport, R.I. Originally sponsored by Newport socialites Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lorillard and jazz impresario George Wein, the festival held its first performance in July, 1954. It has presented a wide variety of performers including such musical greats as Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Billie Holliday, Duke Ellington, and Miles Davis as well as many other American and European artists. Riots caused performance cancellations in 1960, 1969, and 1971, and in 1972 the festival was moved to New York City. It became a two-site festival in 1981 when it resumed in Newport. Sponsored by JVC since 1984, the festival was officially known as the JVC Jazz Festival from 1986; Wein directed the festival until 2007, when he sold his company. JVC-sponsored festivals also have been held in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Paris, Warsaw, and elsewhere. JVC ended its sponsorship of jazz in 2009, and Festival Network, the festivals' producer, was unable to mount the Newport and New York events. With the sponsorship of CareFusion Corporation, Wein revived the Newport festival in 2009 and the New York one in 2010.
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Newport Jazz Festival

annual summer jazz celebration. [Am. Mus.: NCE, 1927]
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In subsequent years George Wein was able to reconstitute the Newport Jazz Festival, which he claims, "had the greatest years of jazz in '62, '63, and '64" (p.
Fort Adams is actually several miles from Freebody Park, where the Newport Folk Festival was originally held when George Wein--who founded the Newport Jazz Festival in 1954, and his then-partner Albert Grossman, who later managed the biggest names of 1960s rock, including Dylan--started it in 1959.
Still, Boston's Berklee College of Music, among the nation's largest, long preeminent in jazz performance and study, and the Newport Jazz Festival, get no coverage.
The Kenton performances date to the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival. That year, Norman Granz had total control of all the recording at the festival.
The Cunard Line offers a popular jazz cruise, the Newport Jazz Festival at Sea, as a sister concert to the renowned JVC Jazz Festival at Newport, R.
Lawn tickets are popular for the annual Newport Jazz Festival and are available for all concerts.
In line with the centrist politics of the Cold War era, the jazz establishment - represented institutionally by the Newport Jazz Festival, the State Department's foreign jazz tours, Voice of America jazz programming, and journals such as The Jazz Review and Jazz - propagated a pluralist, integrationist model in which jazz symbolized the achievement of a classless and raceless society at home and an emerging global cultural consensus abroad.
Portrait of Billie, a dance meditation on the tragic life of singer Billie Holiday, was given its world premiere at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1960, with de Lavallade and Butler in the sizzling duet.
The Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island featured the work of jazz pioneer Duke Ellington.
He produced the first Newport Jazz Festival in 1954 and later created the Newport Folk Festival.
At the age of 13, he was the youngest musician ever to perform at the Newport Jazz Festival. Four years later, Justin was named a U.S.
I was invited to perform at the Newport Jazz Festival in Baltimore, Maryland, where I collaborated with Nina Simone, the Bee Gees and Miles Davis.

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