Newport Uprising

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Newport Uprising


a revolt by Welsh miners that was organized by Chartists in November 1839 in the city of Newport. The uprising marked the high point of the first phase of the Chartist movement.

The Newport uprising was brought about by the extremely harsh conditions faced by the miners and their growing dissatisfaction at Parliament’s rejection of their petition during the summer of 1839 and at the arrest of Chartist agitators. At dawn on November 4, Newport was attacked by three insurgent detachments with a total of 3,000 men. Government troops and police who had assembled there earlier opened fire on the poorly armed rebels and routed them. Nine insurgents were killed, 50 were wounded, and 125 were arrested. Persecution of the Chartists intensified after the defeat of the Newport uprising.

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"The present Westgate Hotel was built some 45 years after the Newport Uprising.
Chartists who took part in the Newport Uprising of 1839 would be condemned as terrorists - political fanon a suicide mission who were a to freedom.
The second section, comprising three chapters, examines Chartist poetry at three moments of crisis: the aftermath of the Newport uprising of 1839; the Plug Plot general strike of 1842; and during what was both the apogee and the nadir of the movement in 1848.
The building played an important part in Welsh political history, with leading Chartists from the Newport uprising of 1840 tried and sentenced to death there.
For many years the Labour and trade union movement have celebrated and commemorated the Chartists and the Newport uprising.
But the drama was a staged reenactment of the historic Newport uprising, where more than 20 campaigners were killed.
Zephaniah Williams was thought to be one of the main protagonists in the Newport Uprising on November 4, 1839, when 20 Chartists were killed.

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