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A program for watching for new content at user-specified RSS feeds.

An example is BottomFeeder.
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content aggregator

An organization that combines information such as news, sports scores, weather forecasts and reference materials from various sources and makes it available to its customers. See customer aggregator.

remote access concentrator

A remote access server that supports one or more T1/E1 lines, allowing multiple analog and ISDN calls to come in over one port from the telephone company. Remote access concentrators can handle much higher call densities than remote access servers. They include the dial-up protocols, access control and the equivalent of a modem pool. See remote access server, remote access router and IAD.
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The phenomenon of forgetting news authorship is somewhat ironic, considering that the increasing quantity and widening range of quality of online news that news aggregators convey have made authorship verification more important than ever.
It's a decent stab at an all-in-one news aggregator, bringing simplicity to an interface that could easily have been burdened with too many options.
The company has added that in the future Uber plans to offer much more personalised service and integrate utility based mobile applications, social media networks, and news aggregators. The iOS version of the new Uber app is already available while an Android version will be out soon.
It is also a highly splintered industry with new digital platforms and news aggregators being created and ravenous for 24x7 content generation.
When tracking current news on an ongoing basis, Google News and other free news aggregators might be efficient in terms of cost and time.
Look back five years and the story line on news aggregators was clear: They were moochers--or, in the tamer words of the 2008 Pew State of the Media report, they were contributing to a narrowing of coverage and a dwindling of editorial resources.
London, Mar 2 ( ANI ): The German parliament passed a law, which will force search engines such as Google and other news aggregators to pay royalties to publishers for posting extracts of their articles.
The current suit is only the latest in a rash of recent copyright and hot news litigation (3) aimed at combatting news aggregators, or websites and mobile applications that digitally copy headlines and short excerpts of news stories from various Internet sources and display them all in one place.
Newspapers in Germany could soon be allowed to request royalties from news aggregators like Google News for any content shown, but what does that mean for the UK?
Unlike other news aggregators, FirstRain doesn't depend on a fixed taxonomy that can be slow to react to market fluctuations and less than accurate when tracking products that serve a cross section of industry sectors.
Online news aggregators, on the other hand, enable us to personalize our news, filtering for just the information or perspective we want.
He laid out a framework for journalists in his post "The seven steps to a successful aggregation strategy for your news organization." The post drew on both Poynter's experiences with its Romenesko media news aggregation blog and observation of the way other news aggregators do their jobs.