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Commerce a person or firm that has regular business relations with another, esp one in a different part of the country or abroad



(1) Professional journalist who holds a staff position on a publication (a newspaper’s own correspon-dent), or who carries out special assignments of the editorial board (special correspondent), or who specializes in a given field of journalism (for example, a newspaper or magazine photographer).

(2) A contributor to a publication who does not hold a staff position but regularly does some work for one of the media of mass information or propaganda (worker or village correspon-dent, military correspondent, youth correspondent).

(3) The editorial board of a newspaper, radio station, or television station, contributing to another organ of mass information or propaganda (collective correspondent).

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This season of The Green Room will conclude on the August 11 with a talk from ITV Wales news correspondent Lewis Vaughan-Jones.
The teleconference, hosted by the Hospice Foundation of America and VITAS Innovative Hospice Care of San Fernando, will be moderated by ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts.
Writing from New York, a news correspondent informs us: ``The Prime Minister has stolen many hearts during his frequent appearances on American news shows since the crisis began.
Something of a modem-day Procopius is former CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg.
Instead, Greenspan waited until he landed and then from a phone at the airport called his wife, NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell.
The CBS News correspondent read with horror that the University of Wyoming student had been abducted, beaten, lashed to a deer fence, tortured, and left for dead in the frigid night.
Moran joins Senator Dirk Kempthorne (R-Idaho) another former mayor, for the panel discussion which will be moderated by ABC News correspondent Michel McQueen.
From 1927 to 1928 he was a news correspondent in China.
Quoted by a PIC news correspondent, a Palestinian native inhabitant of the Jordan Valley said: "Where should our children and wives seek shelter now?
Byline: Examiner News Correspondent editorial@examiner.
NNA - The occupied Israeli army released today (Wednesday) at dawn the displaced Syrian, Mohammed Husein el-Badawi, from Beit Jin village, after being held inside one of the Israeli positions in occupied Sheb Farms for several hours, National News correspondent in Hasbayah, Taher Abou Hamdan, reported.