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the reworking by an editor of an author’s work for publication or for broadcasting on radio or television. Editing may be political, scholarly, or literary. In practice, however, the editing of new works is a single creative process that aims to perfect the content and form of the work while preserving the author’s individuality. Editing of literary or scholarly works in the preparation of authoritative texts consists of compilation, establishment of a definitive text, and the preparation of reference material.


Sikorskii, N. M. Teoriia i praktika redaktirovaniia. Moscow, 1971.


Making modifications. See edit.
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In a press conference at the Houses of Parliament they accused politicians and newspaper editors of doing deals "behind closed doors".
SEABROOK ISLAND, SC - Fred Kardon, former newspaper editor, reporter and photographer, died Dec.
The online survey of local newspaper editors was conducted by the N per Society for L cal Newspape Week which this year is themed Your Voice.
The awards were presented November 10 at the New England Society of Newspaper Editors convention in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
So clip this out and send it to your congressman or woman and maybe a few newspaper editors, too: We CEOs and our businesses create jobs.
A month earlier, HA Gwynne, the then editor of the Morning Post newspaper, had written to Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin to express the concern of other newspaper editors.
THE Government is most concerned that paying witnesses in court proceedings should cease, even suggesting newspaper editors might be jailed if they didn't stop.
Yet, the percentage of minority representation in the newsroom raised slightly, according to a report released in April by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), an organization of daily newspaper editors.
When pressed by newspaper editors to explain his legal authority in this area, he declined to elaborate.
Surprises in this race that is not a race are always possible; George Carey, retiring incumbent to the See of Canterbury, was himself a surprise, emerging from obscurity in 1991 with a suddenness that had newspaper editors scurrying for a photograph of a man who was not even thought to be in the running.
Speaking of campaigns, Henderson State University released results of a political survey that said 88 percent of Arkansas newspaper editors rated television political advertising more effective than newspaper political advertising.
NEWS taps into that readership by offering campus newspaper editors free environmental bulletins.