Apple Newton

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Apple Newton

A Personal Digital Assistant produced by Apple Computer. The Newton provides a clever, user-friendly interface and relies solely on pen-based input. Eagerly anticipated, the Newton uses handwriting recognition software to "learn" the users handwriting and provide reliable character recognition.

Various third-party software applications are available and add-on peripherals like wireless modems for Internet access are being sold by Apple Computer, Inc. and its licensees.

Newton Inc.'s NewtonOS competes with Microsoft Corporation's Windows CE, and was to be compatible with DEC's StrongARM SA-1100, an embedded 200MHz microprocessor, which was due in 1998.

Handwriting recognition example.
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Harris was licensed to produce a spin-off of Apple's Newton MessagePad 120.
With the Newton MessagePad 2000, Benett said, he now leaves his larger and heavier Apple PowerBook at home when he travels.
1, Mac, Power Mac and Newton MessagePad clients, providing complete coverage for today's typical, multi-platform environment.
A year later, the Newton MessagePad appeared, with poor handwriting recognition capabilities, mediocre messaging, no wireless modem, and a high price tag.
It will employ a version of the ARM RISC processor from Apple's Newton MessagePad, giving it the power of an early 486 machine, and is likely to use an operating system similar to die Newton's.
The Apple Newton MessagePad is poised to make it mark on the healthcare market.
Examples include the Apple Newton MessagePad, Casio Zoomer, and devices based on General Magic's Magic Cap software platform.
As fellow Newton MessagePad enthusiasts, Steve and I share the desire to bring back some of those powerful pen tablet features that have been dormant for so long, and I am delighted to present some of what we have been working on.
The Concept Kitchen pioneered the first screen protection device for PDAs with the release of the original WriteRight Screen Enhancements for the Newton MessagePad nearly two years ago.
CalliGrapher has developed a large and loyal following since its 1993 debut on Apple Newton MessagePad.
Digital Ocean develops and manufactures a complete line of wireless products that support Macintosh and Newton MessagePad environments through the company's Starfish II Ethernet Access Point.
Enter this secret phrase in a new version of Apple Computer's Newton Messagepad, and a panel from a "Doonesbury" cartoon pops up on the screen.