Apple Newton

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Apple Newton

A Personal Digital Assistant produced by Apple Computer. The Newton provides a clever, user-friendly interface and relies solely on pen-based input. Eagerly anticipated, the Newton uses handwriting recognition software to "learn" the users handwriting and provide reliable character recognition.

Various third-party software applications are available and add-on peripherals like wireless modems for Internet access are being sold by Apple Computer, Inc. and its licensees.

Newton Inc.'s NewtonOS competes with Microsoft Corporation's Windows CE, and was to be compatible with DEC's StrongARM SA-1100, an embedded 200MHz microprocessor, which was due in 1998.

Handwriting recognition example.
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Indeed, if there are any management lessons to be scraped from the pages here, they would seem to be that the keys to leadership success are: be unduly demanding of your product designers (a career-long trait for Jobs); exude confidence in your own decisions but not others' (Apple's Newton PDA was axed, ostensibly, because it was "not created by him"); take credit for the ideas of others (the book argues that former Apple CEO Gil Amelio was responsible for setting in motion the turnaround that Jobs' enjoyed); and abandon principles to ensure time to market (the iPod's technology, though not design, was developed outside Apple, something Jobs once vowed never to do).
At Apple, Auguste, who holds four patents, led the team that developed the Newton PDA (personal digital assistant).
The network configuration includes a SCO-Unix server platform, Apple Newton PDA client platforms running an Internet browser, and a Progress database.
With this tool, Newton PDA users can stay in touch, regardless of where they travel, in most cases with a local telephone call," said Mike Blackwell, CompuServe product manager.
Petry began his career at Apple Computer (AAPL) in the product management group where he worked on the Newton PDA product.
ARM's small, fast, low-power, low-cost 32-bit RISC processors are already used in several leading embedded applications like the Apple Newton PDA, Sumitomo GPS, Viewcall Netsurfers and Communicate PC-card fax modems and have been selected for a range of upcoming applications like the Oracle Network Computer, digital cellular phones, digital cameras, electronic organizers and digital set-top boxes.
Apple Newton PDA and Apple Newton MessagePad eMate - Fujitsu GSM Mobile Fax 2000,
Newton Press offers an essential integration capability to customers, making it easy to take important documents from their Mac OS-based personal computer with them on their Newton PDA.
0 -- an extensible general connection application developed in AppWare -- that gives users real-time access to add, delete, modify, import and export data on a Newton PDA from Windows and Macintosh desktops.
Several new products from Apple will help simplify the process of exchanging information between a Newton PDA and a Mac OS- or Windows- based personal computer.
for Newton, offers direct synchronization of contact management information between a personal computer and a Newton PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).