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A connection or interconnection of a communications system, such as a data link or a network of branches and nodes.


(1) (Nexus) A line of pure Android phones and tablets endorsed by Google. See Google Nexus.

(2) (Nexus) A line of network switches from Cisco.

(3) (Nexis) A legal database. See LexisNexis.

(4) A connecting point or bond between two entities.

(5) A software module in the Windows security platform (see NGSCB).
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The ASEI - NEXI cooperation, which was first approved in 2009 for Export Credit Insurance and later expanded in 2012 for Domestic Credit Insurance, has given its own competitive advantage to ASEI as an insurer which is known and trusted by Japanese companies in Indonesia.
Like the effects of subliminal stimulations, extrasensory apprehensions can be inferred by examining nondeliberate expressions of the orienting nexi of meaning and feeling that they arouse.
This reinsurance structure not only streamlines the export credit negotiation and documentation process for Australian and Japanese exporters and their overseas buyers, but also offers cost savings because there is only one credit package, from one agency--either EFIC or NEXI.
NEXI, established in April 2001, is an independent government agency and provides export credit insurance that had previously been administered by the government.
Honda and Nissan have bought insurance policies from NEXI, which covers 50% of damage incurred in the event of natural disasters, diplomatic problems and other incidents beyond a company's control.
Because her plays focus on the mulatta caught between and among nexi of identity--whiteness-blackness, maleness-femaleness, sanity-madness, and so on--Kennedy's "hermetic" writing (Sollors 507) also serves a communal cathartic purpose: "These dramas are to some degree exorcising personal and collective racial traumas and have anger, the urge to communicate and (attempted) liberation as motivating forces" (Binder 99).
85 billion in debt financing committed by JBIC, NEXI and six commercial banks
Unbeknownst to participants, Nexi has been programmed to make gestures while speaking with selected participants - gestures that the team hypothesizes could determine whether or not she's deemed trustworthy.
Nexi has been designed to move crisply and handle objects with ease.