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Written by Shyam Mardikar, Vice President - Network Services for Bharti Airtel Limited in India, Converged Service Experience in Next Generation Networks (NGN) provides the reader with an excellent evaluation of converged services issues from an experienced mobile operator executive perspective.
Nortel Market Shares - Nortel Market Forecasts - Voice-Over-Packet (VOP) Market - Nortel Ethernet, Wireless, Optical Next Generation Networks (NGN's) - Nortel Market Segments - Voice-Over-Packet (VOP) Softswitch Market - DWDM Market Shares - IP PBX Market Shares - Network Service Needs - Increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU) - Wireless Networks - Nortel WDM Systems - Optical-To-Electrical Conversion - Open Standards - Impact of Competition - Converged Voice and Data Networks
Nortel Ethernet, Wireless, and Optical Next Generation Networks (NGNs)
CommunicAsia 2006, which incorporates the three sub-shows of MobileCommAsia2006, NetworkAsia2006 and SatComm2006, is an international, comprehensive info-communications event showcasing innovations in 3G, mobile communications and applications, broadband wireless, next generation networks, enterprise networks and technologies, VoIP, satellite communications and technologies, IP technology, and infrastructure solutions.
Next Generation Networks Ltd are a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.
It will also be of interest to professionals working for telecommunications network operators, equipment vendors, telecoms regulators, and engineers who wish to further their knowledge of next generation networks.
Intel's multicore technology coupled with its strong, industry-wide acceptance in the telecom space empowers FlexCompute ATCA-XE30 with performance and longevity that TEMs need to build next generation networks.
This zone provides examples of solutions built around Mitsubishi's technological experience and expertise, showing seamless communications systems for Next Generation Networks (NGN).
Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are leading this transformation by integrating telecoms with IT.
We see a strong demand to provide core network solutions for service providers that are running mostly legacy services and also want to seamlessly deliver the same services to the recently-deployed next generation networks," said Dr.
Turgeon is expected to engage in discussions with these key service providers about leveraging the commercial opportunities of converged services and choosing the optimum migration strategy to ensure a smooth and profitable transition to Next Generation Networks.

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