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When his next-door neighbor moved out, he bought the adjacent house and hired Sripetch to live there and serve as property caretaker, said Larry Smith, a neighbor.
His mother is given to fits, his father is a philanderer, his older sister is a distant satellite, his next-door neighbor shoots herself to death in the garage and her husband may be in the Mafia.
The system can record and document the next-door neighbor for a frail, elderly patient, so the case manager can call the neighbor to check on the patient rather than contacting 911 emergency services.
The next-door neighbor was a quarter-mile away,'' Forte-Watson recalled.
In so doing, he screwed over his former business partner -- and next-door neighbor -- Anderson, the same Anderson whom Miranda has invited for a peace-making lunch.
Great family memories are made here," said Kay Powell, assistant director of tourism for the town that is next-door neighbor to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
The Alamo's famous next-door neighbor, the historic Emily Morgan Hotel, is entering the final phase of an extensive renovation -- including the creation of an entirely new restaurant experience -- that promises to propel the landmark property to new heights of upscale and updated luxury.
I heard screaming,'' next-door neighbor Kim Altobello said.
Now it's as easy as calling your next-door neighbor with our national SingleRate(sm) Canada plan," said Mike Lanman, Florida region president for Verizon Wireless.
The female lead's understudy was on stage during the performance I attended, and there's also a new actor playing the faithful next-door neighbor.
T bids good day to his 36-inch-tall next-door neighbor, Verne Troyer, whom he affectionately calls "Itty Bitty," as the two check their morning mail.

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