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A connection or interconnection of a communications system, such as a data link or a network of branches and nodes.


(1) (Nexus) A line of pure Android phones and tablets endorsed by Google. See Google Nexus.

(2) (Nexus) A line of network switches from Cisco.

(3) (Nexis) A legal database. See LexisNexis.

(4) A connecting point or bond between two entities.

(5) A software module in the Windows security platform (see NGSCB).
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We read The Rise of the Uncorporation, however, as a refutation of the descriptive part of the nexus of contracts theory, at least as applied to the twenty-first century corporation.
The corporation is not simply a nexus of contracts.
The uncorporation seems to be the undoing of the nexus of contracts theory, at least as a positive description.
In other words, we can say that the corporation is like a nexus of contracts, in that it is freely chosen by the parties as the best organizational delivery system for their relationships.
Law and economics scholars such as Henry Hansmann and Michael Klausner have moved away from the descriptive form of the nexus of contracts theory by suggesting that government does need to play a role in creating the corporate "contract.