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A connection or interconnection of a communications system, such as a data link or a network of branches and nodes.


(1) (Nexus) A line of pure Android phones and tablets endorsed by Google. See Google Nexus.

(2) (Nexus) A line of network switches from Cisco.

(3) (Nexis) A legal database. See LexisNexis.

(4) A connecting point or bond between two entities.

(5) A software module in the Windows security platform (see NGSCB).
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Viewing the firm as a nexus of contracts at first instance provides a conceptual basis for challenging the dominant shareholder ideology which, critics such as Lazonic and O'Sullivan (2000) argue, has proved to be counterproductive to both the generation and distribution of wealth in the Anglo-American variety of capitalism.
Furthermore, the nexus of contracts theory, and to a lesser extent, the social institutional model, have had a large bearing on the development of corporate governance rules and principles in liberal market economies (see Parkinson 2003).
Kenneth Ayotte, Northwestern University Law School, and Henry Hansmann, Yale University, "A Nexus of Contracts Theory of Legal Entities"