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On the term of the transitional government called the 'National consensus Government', Niam said that it has been agreed that the cabinet will be dissolved by the end of April 2020 which coincides with the end of the presidential term of Omer al-Bashir.
If we don't tell our own story, no one else will tell it," says Niam.
Niam Computech has currently offices in Delhi and Punjab besides having its Head office in Bangalore.
The projects include completion of Hair-Houta Road, linking it with Hareek and construction of a 46-km Niam link road at a cost of SR446 million.
Her Niam explains that gardening is part of their culture, bringing them closer to the earth, and a part of their way of life.
Among the new areas covered are Afeef, Al-Ahmar, Al-Badea Al-Shamaly, Al-Badea Al-Janoubi, Al-Kharfah, Al-Rodha, Al-Seeh, Artawi, Al-Raqas, Sahib, Arwi, Aseela, Niam, Al-Rafea, Bada Bin Arfaj, Marwan, Masadah, Tamrah, Khiran, Al-Dhabaiah, Al-Nasifah, Maqboolah, Najan, Hijrat Boudha, Hazaw, Al-Khafs and Al-Reen.
The goal of NIAM is to increase awareness about immunizations across the life span--from infants to the elderly.
The insurgent, named in the Sunday Telegraph as Niam Atallah, is believed to have launched attacks on Nato troops using a Russian SPG anti-tank missile launcher like that used in the incident in which Cpt Hicks was killed.
For now, the following designations are considered equivalent because they refer to one spiritual entity, Kaying, in the mind of the Hmong people: "Couple Kaying" (Nkawm Niam Txiv Kab Yeeb), "Lady Kaying" (Niam Nkauj (9) Kab Yeeb), "Spirit Couple Dab Pog" (Cha: 2003), "Couple Ancestor Spirit" (Nkawm Niam Txiv Dab Pog), "Mother Dab Pog" (Poj Dab Pog), "Ancestor Spirit of Fertility", or "Venerable Mother Dab Pog".
Tajeddin Bashir Niam, a delegate of the rebel Justice and Equality Movement, told Reuters in Abuja: We are not on the offensive.
Bridesmaids were Amanda Elizabeth Bronson, Mary Tana Person, Amanda Jean Riddell, Aileen Niam Hanlon, Laura Rebecca Jones, Mary Kempton Bise, and Amanda Kay Stone.
The NIAM model [16] is based on the early binary modeling work by Abrial [1] and Senko [19].