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He requested the people to submit details of their tenants at the concerned police stations along with their NIC cards.
The EDS-10G also has added automated software logic to allow users who upgrade or add 10G NIC Cards an automated means of upgrading the 10G NIC card to the proper revision for optimal Line Rate performance.
Telco Cloud and NFV acceleration - LiquidIO intelligent server NIC cards offloading IPsec, OVS, Service Function Chaining, DPI, and NVMeoverfabric.
The SSP had also ordered the police to collect information about the residential tenants including copies of their NIC cards and additional details, he added.
It determines One-way Delay - [within the same PC] measurements between two NIC cards on a single PC with 2 instances of PacketCheck(TM) running, one on each NIC card in microsecond accuracy.
Janjua said the banks should print pictures on the debit cards and as long as they do not print pictures, they should instruct shopkeepers to demand NIC cards at the time of billing.
The university, with cooperation from Cisco, added 10GbE networking and NIC cards, ultimately creating an industry-leading 10GbE supercomputer.
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation has announced its PI7C9X130 PCIe to PCI-X Bridge IC that addresses a range of applications that include blade and motherboard based servers, HBA and NIC cards, data storage, switch and router control planes, industrial PCs, multi-function printers and print servers, test equipment, data acquisition and telecom.
The OCTEON XL NIC cards add four RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports to the OCTEON XL CPB feature set to enable inline NIC (network interface card) as well as host offload processing.
Whereas the VTV1110 transceiver enables rack-to-rack 10GbE connections such as switch-to-server, switch-to-router and server-to-server links -- and is available as a XENPAK copper module and as a stand-alone chip for implementation in 10GbE NIC cards -- the new VTV1115 is a shorter-reach solution for interconnecting stackable equipment and is available in chip form only.
In addition it features optional 4-port GigE NIC cards, TCP connection forwarding, improved Exchange 2003 and CIFS performance and enhanced management capabilities through the Central Management Console.
Not only is there an order of magnitude difference in capital cost between Fibre Channel and IP technologies (I recently priced 1Gbit Fibre Channel HBAs in the $800 range while 1Ghit NIC cards cost less than $80 per unit) but the availability of management tools for IP networks far outstrip that of Fibre Channel, further enhancing the TCO of IP based storage networks.