Nicene Creed

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Nicene Creed:

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[Lat. credo=I believe], summary of basic doctrines of faith. The following are historically important Christian creeds.

1 The Nicene Creed, beginning, "I believe in one God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and
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Paul University in Ottawa, Canada, said a profession of faith, such as in the form of the Nicene Creed, is normal procedure for rescinding an excommunication.
18) He argues that the faith articulated in the Nicene Creed can be just as adequately expressed with symbols and concepts that reflect a different time and culture.
She uses the Nicene Creed to remind readers that Christianity, first and foremost, concerned itself with a created world in which God was vitally interested.
Vermes draws his narrative to a close with the Nicene creed and its dogma that the Son of God was no longer an inferior divinity to the Father, as was customary in pre-Nicene theology, but homoousios--of the same substance--with his Father.
Some Christians have considered the Nicene Creed to be "a product of Constantinianism," which marked a sharp shift from early Christianity.
It uses the classical Christian doctrines of the Nicene Creed to guide students on the faith, and provides an ecumenical work identifying major personalities and history in classical Christian thinking.
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Living Faith follows the wording of the Nicene Creed in saying that the Spirit is the Lord and Giver of Life.
The Independent Church also incorporates the precepts of the Nicene Creed and the seven sacraments of the Roman tradition.
In recognition of the 1,600th anniversary of the Nicene Creed in 1925, the Church of England offered dramatic evidence of its interest in the Eastern Orthodox churches.
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