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(nĭch`ərən) [Jap.,=sun lotus], 1222–82, Japanese Buddhist priest, founder of Nichiren Buddhism. Of humble birth, Nichiren (whose given name was Zennichimaro) early became a monk, and traveled to many temples in search of true Buddhism. In 1253, convinced that contemporary Buddhism was inadequate for a degenerate age, he proclaimed faith in the Lotus Sutra as the only means of salvation. Conflict with both religious and civil authorities marked the remainder of his life. He condemned Zen BuddhismZen Buddhism,
Buddhist sect of China and Japan. The name of the sect (Chin. Ch'an, Jap. Zen) derives from the Sanskrit dhyana [meditation]. In China the school early became known for making its central tenet the practice of meditation, rather than adherence
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 for stressing extrascriptural transmission, Pure Land BuddhismPure Land Buddhism
or Amidism,
devotional sect of Mahayana Buddhism in China and Japan, centering on worship of the Buddha Amitabha. According to the Pure Land Sutras, composed in India in the 2d cent. A.D.
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 for devaluing the present lifetime, and civil authorities for supporting "false religions." His uncompromising evangelism led to several periods in exile as well as great mass appeal, which continues to this day (see Soka GakkaiSoka Gakkai
[Jap.,=Value Creation Society], Japan-based independent lay Buddhist movement. A theological offshoot of Nichiren Buddhism, it was founded (1930) as the Soka Kyoiku Gakkai [Value Creation Educational Society] by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, educator and follower of the
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He touched upon many of the concepts we practice actively in Nichiren Buddhism and I will draw the analogies below:
And that's what Nichiren Buddhism helps us attain--the unshakeable state of happiness.
In Nichiren Buddhism, we seek the solution to our problems or sufferings inside ourselves.
Kristen has been studying Nichiren Buddhism," a source close to Stewart told HollywoodLife.
Stewart began practicing Nichiren Buddhism after a couple of friends who practice the religion encouraged her to get involved.
Their diverse specialist subjects are poet Philip Larkin, baseball team Toronto Blue Jays, disaster movies of the 1970s and Nichiren Buddhism.
Nichiren Buddhism teaches there is no separation between a common mortal and the Buddha; the only difference is one of life condition.
The practice of Nichiren Buddhism involves chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo - "devotion to the mystical law of cause-and-effect through voice.
According to Nichiren Buddhism, the workings of the universe are an expression of a single principle or Law.