Clerks slang for thieves. [Br. Usage: Brewer Hand-book, 754; Br. Lit.: I Henry IV; II Henry IV]
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The look was a very painful one, and went to Nicholas's heart at once; for it told a long and very sad history.
And therefore Nicholas' first feeling on hearing the news was one of anger with Sonya.
3: Saint Nicholas's gift-giving 
inspired his legend.
It was important to us to involve the local children in the reveal of the latest depiction of the face of St Nicholas and I hope that they will think of his face every year on St Nicholas's feast day.
The Garage gig was Nicholas's first performance since he was voted runner-up to Sam Bailey in The X Factor.
The two critical studies of the novel that do exist have focused primarily on Nicholas's performances, though they come to opposite conclusions.
In a twisting narrative written in an almost thriller-like style, McCann and Smith weave between Nicholas's troubled Haitian adolescence, his brief adventures in the pre-war cosmopolitan high life, and his concentration camp ordeal.
Expert Philip Lynch said: "It is an amazing story and yet very few people in Ireland know about St Nicholas's connection with this country.
One key facet of Nicholas's work that made it exceptional was his thorough knowledge and admiring use of Jewish exposition of the Scriptures, and in particular his reliance on the work of Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi), the celebrated eleventh-century Jewish teacher from Troves.
Wilhelm Dupre, writing on "The image of the living God," considers Nicholas's ideas on "perfection.
Lynn Nicholas's first book on a Holocaust-related subject, Rape of Europa, won awards and helped change history: it intensified the search for art looted by the Nazis.