Nicholas Cabasilas

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Nicholas Cabasilas


Born circa 1320; died circa 1391. Byzantine theologian, philosopher, and scholar-encyclopedist.

In contrast to other exponents of hesychasm, Nicholas Cabasilas provided in his chief work, Life in Christ, a variation of hesychastic ethics that is directed not so much toward monks as toward laymen.


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Most often he quotes Cyril of Alexandria, Gregory Nazianzus, and Nicholas Cabasilas, and engages with contemporary Orthodox theologians such as Schmemann or Paul Evdokimov.
Gennadios (Limouris) of Sassima gives a description of "Baptism in the Life of the Orthodox Church," referring to Nicholas Cabasilas and emphasizing the Greek understanding of sacraments as mysteries.
served as archbishop of Thessaloniki (at the time, the most significant city of the Byzantine empire after the capital itself) and played an, important role in the Cantacuzene civil war; further, Nicholas Cabasilas served as a member of the Byzantine imperial court, and he not only practised hesychast disciplines himself but also wrote works showing other laypeople how to incorporate hesychasm with the rest of the demands of their lives.