Nicholas III

Nicholas III,

d. 1280, pope (1277–80), a Roman named Giovanni Gaetano Orsini; successor of John XXIJohn XXI,
d. 1277, pope (1276–77), a Portuguese named Pedro Giuliano; successor of Adrian V. Known generally as Peter of Spain (Petrus Hispanus), he is the only Portuguese pope.
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. As a cardinal he made a great reputation in diplomacy, and he was a close confidant of popes for 30 years. He was elected pope after a six-month delay. Nicholas's principal efforts were directed to rendering the Holy See free of civil interference; he was most successful in obtaining renunciation by Rudolf I (Rudolf of Hapsburg) of all control over the Romagna. By passing laws preventing non-Romans from obtaining privileges in Rome, he quietly frustrated the ambitions of Charles I, king of Naples, to dominate central Italy. He was the first pope in a century to live regularly in Rome, and he has been called the founder of the Vatican. He was succeeded by Martin IVMartin IV,
d. 1285, pope (1281–85), a Frenchman named Simon de Brie; successor of Nicholas III. He was chancellor under Louis IX of France and was created cardinal by Urban IV. He was thus a supporter of the Angevin dynasty in S Italy and Sicily.
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These works depict the pastoral beauty of the artist's homeland before the upheaval that soon followed; the Tsar Nicholas III is said to have collected Orlovskii's paintings.
As with Dante's gaze within the text, the viewer's eye is drawn to the figure of Pope Nicholas III, head down in a carved cylinder.
Nicholas III, both of Plainville, Margaret Nicholas of Mansfield, Levi LaShomb of Norwood, N.
Executive chairman George M Nicholas III said : 'We continue to invest in infrastructure for the A platform; much of which is the newest technology.
Nicholas III - Gave land and political power to his family members, which earned him a place in Dante's eighth circle of Hell.
Nicholas III came to the company as a store management trainee in 1982.
Most interesting are the pages on the choice of Nicholas III, whose somewhat pro-Franciscan and anti-French position Dante might have viewed with favour, but whose nepotism (with the image of the she-bear and her cubs) was known and condemned in the pseudo-Joachimist Vaticinia, a text useful also for Clement V (70-72).
remarks, Pope Nicholas III had entered this chapter of the usus pauper debate at least as early as his 1279 constitution, Exiit qui seminat, which interpreted the Rule of 1223.
Nicholas III shot down reports that he will buy the Angels and Mighty Ducks, the Orange County Register reported.
Orange County billionaire Henry Nicholas III, chairman of Anaheim-based semiconductor group Broadcom, wants to buy the teams and could pay a bundle for them -- perhaps as much as $650 million, according to Disney's own ESPN.
Machiavelli states that it was an Orsini pope, Nicholas III, who first practiced nepotism, making his kinsman Bertoldo Orsini duke of the Romagna in the late thirteenth century.
For example, one member of the Roman Orsini family named Bertoldo served as podesta during the pontificate of his kinsman Nicholas III.