Nikolaus Pevsner

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Nikolaus Pevsner
Nikolaus Bernhard Leon Pevsner
BirthplaceLeipzig, Kingdom of Saxony
Art and architecture historian

Pevsner, Nikolaus


Born Jan. 30, 1902, in Leipzig. English art critic of German descent.

Pevsner studied at the universities of Leipzig, Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt am Main. From 1928 to 1933 he taught at the University of Göttingen. After the Nazis came to power, he left Germany and emigrated to England, where he has been a professor at the University of London since 1941. He was also a professor at Cambridge University from 1949 to 1955.

Pevsner is known for his broad historical and cultural generalizations and his clear characterizations. He has done a good deal of research on mannerist art, but his principal area of scholarly interest has been the history of architecture and design since the end of the 19th century. He is currently directing a systematic study of the architecture of different regions and cities in England. Since 1941, 45 volumes of Pevsner’s The Buildings of England have been published, with more volumes still to be published.


Die italienische Malerei vom Ende der Renaissance bis zum ausgehenden Rokoko. Wildpark-Potsdam, 1928.
Pioneers of the Modern Movement, From William Morris to Walter Gropius. London [1936].
An Outline of European Architecture. Harmondsworth, 1942. (Seventh ed., 1963.)
Studies in Art, Architecture, and Design, vols. 1-2. New York [1968].
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Nicholas Pevsner, the chronicler of great and ancient British buildings, described it as "Originally a C15-C16 timber framed hall house with solar cross-wing, the latter mostly rebuilt to a large T-plan with shaped gable end for John Collins, 1678.
This latest volume fully meets the series' high standards set by Sir Nicholas Pevsner and contributes one more title that will , like its predecessors, soon become indispensable.
The last of eight churches designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor, a protege of Christopher Wren, it boasts what Nicholas Pevsner describes as "the most grandiose of London's 18th-century church fronts.
An early connection with Nicholas Pevsner resulted in touring much of this country, doing photography for his Buildings of England series, and I gained access to many places which I might not easily have done otherwise.
The church is a most attractive building and was said by Nicholas Pevsner to be 'the best church of its date in the county'.
When you walk down Grey Street in Newcastle , the street which nicholas Pevsner the architectural historian described as the most beautiful in Europe, you see the horizon dominated by this clodhopping, ugly, giant, monument to the folly of consumer capitalism.
In his Warwickshire - the Buildings of England, the late Sir Nicholas Pevsner briefly acknowledged the existence of the medieval work of art at Holy Trinity stating in his distinctive, clipped, shorthand style: PAINTING.
Just a few hundred yards uphill from the town centre Promenade is the elegant Walk built around 1840, which architectural historian Sir Nicholas Pevsner described as 'a charming example of intimate classical architecture'.
Sir Nicholas Pevsner called Berkswell's church "easily the most interesting Norman church in Warwickshire".