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As part of this agreement, Inco will be subscribing to a private placement of LionOre shares, the proceeds of which will be used to repay a A$25 million loan that Inco had extended to LionOre in connection with the development of the Emily Ann nickel sulfide project.
The smelter produces blister copper (98% Cu) for shipment to the copper refinery and a slow-cooled Bessemer matte (75% Cu + Ni) which is separated at the matte separation plant into nickel sulfides (mainly heazlewoodite), metallics and copper sulfide (chalcocite).
The topics include preparing cobalt ferrite-silicon core shell nanoparticles doped with ferromagnetic manganese for possible biological application, thermal expansion in copper and nickel sulfides and their alloys, describing the drying of whole bananas with a diffusion model that uses a numerical solution through generalized coordinates, analyzing the substructure of high-manganese steels in the context of a dominant stress mechanism, the impact of selected structure parameters of reinforcing preforms for metal-matrix composites on their saturation process, investigating salt diffusion in soil by using radiotracing techniques, assessing the influence of the Hess-Murray Law on suspension flow through ramified structures, and sewage sludge flow and drying characteristics in paddle dryers.
He was one of the first scientists to suggest that iron sulfides and nickel sulfides might have held an important role in early life.