Nicolae Titulescu

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Titulescu, Nicolae


Born Mar. 4, 1882, in Craiova; died Mar. 17, 1941, in Cannes. Rumanian political figure and diplomat. Academician of the Rumanian Academy (1935).

Titulescu held a series of governmental ministerial posts in the kingdom of Rumania in the 1920’s and 1930’s. From 1920 to 1936 he was Rumania’s permanent delegate to the League of Nations, and he was president of the Assembly of the League of Nations in 1930 and 1931. In 1933, on behalf of Rumania, Titulescu signed the London Convention defining aggression. A sponsor of the Balkan Entente, he also advocated a system of collective security in Europe and good-neighbor relations with the USSR. In 1936, under pressure from reactionary forces, Titulescu resigned his post of minister of foreign affairs of Rumania.


Oprea, I. M. Diplomaticheskaia deiatel’nost’ Nikolae Titulesku. Bucharest, 1970.
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Nicolae Titulescu mentioned that international law is a coordination right because its rules are the result of unanimous will of Participating States in their preparation, as holders of sovereign rights, with unconditional respect their obligation.
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