Louis Nicolas Vauquelin

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Vauquelin, Louis Nicolas


Born May 16, 1763, in St. André d’Hébertot, Normandy; died there Nov. 14, 1829. French chemist; became a member of the Paris Academy of Sciences in 1791.

In 1797, Vauquelin discovered the new element chromium in Siberian red lead ore, and in 1798 he produced it in its free state and discovered the oxide of a previously unknown metal—beryllium—in the mineral beryl. In 1799 he published one of the first manuals on chemical analysis. He conducted a great deal of research on substances of plant and animal origin, from which he isolated a number of chemical com-pounds.


Das Buch der grossen Chemiker, vol. 1. Edited by G. Bugge. Weinheim, 1955. Page 363.
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Simon takes Nicolas-Louis Vauquelin, a pharmacist who followed closely the path of his chemist mentor, Fourcroy, as representative of the "New Pharmacy" that comes to define the nineteenth century.
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