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In Bithynia:

Nicomedes I. Died 255 B.C. Reigned from 280 or 278 B.C. to circa 255 B.C. Nicomedes I expanded the borders of Bithynia southward and eastward and in 264 B.C. founded Nicomedia.

Nicomedes II. Died 128 B.C. Reigned from 149 to 128 B.C. At one time historiographers mistakenly identified him with Nicomedes III Euergetes.

Nicomedes III Euergetes. Born circa 185 B.C.; died 94 B.C. Seventh king of Bithynia. Reigned from circa 127 to 94 B.C.

The name of Nicomedes III was ascertained from inscriptions and coins by the French scholar T. Reinach. In 106 B.C., Nicomedes III and Mithridates VI Eupator conquered and divided Paphlagonia, and between 102 and 100 B.C. they seized Cappadocia. However, in 95 B.C., Rome compelled them to free these lands.

Nicomedes IV Philopator. Died 74 B.C. Reigned from 94 to 74 B.C. The eighth and last king of Bithynia. Son of Nicomedes III.

In 89 B.C., with the support of Rome, Nicomedes IV attacked Mithridates VI, touching off the First Mithridatic War (89–84 B.C.), in the course of which Mithridates VI seized almost all of Bithynia. Under pressure from Rome, Nicomedes IV was restored to his throne by the peace of Dardanus (84 B.C.). At his death in 74 B.C., Nicomedes IV bequeathed Bithynia to Rome, and it became a Roman province.



Lived circa 200 B.C. Ancient Greek geometer.

Nicomedes was the first to define the conchoid; he also devised a mechanism for constructing this curve. He used the conchoid to find the two mean proportionals between given quantities and to solve the problems of trisecting an angle and doubling a cube.


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