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see UnterwaldenUnterwalden
, canton, central Switzerland, one of the Four Forest Cantons. A mountainous, forested, and chiefly pastoral region, Unterwalden is divided into the half cantons of Obwalden (1993 pop.
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, Switzerland.
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Today, the clinic demonstrates considerable multidisciplinary expertise and is appropriately recognised for this - for example, it is included on the Canton of Nidwalden hospital list.
Die Inventarisierung in vier weiteren Kantonen (Luzern, Nidwalden, Obwalden und Schwyz) wurden kurz nach Beginn aus unterschiedlichen Grunden abgebrochen.
The 5-star BE-rgenstock Resort, built in 1991 sits 450 metres above Lake Lucerne in the canton of Nidwalden, on the BE-rgenstock
between Lucerne and the neighbouring cantons of Uri, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Zug, Zurich and Aargau.
These are, for most of the time period, Obwalden, Nidwalden, Glarus, Appenzell Innerrhoden, and Appenzell Ausserrhoden.
Table 4: Abbreviations of the Swiss Cantons AG Aargau NW Nidwalden AI Appenzell Innerrhoden OW Obwalden AR Appenzell Ausserrhoden SG St.
Tax Burden of Swiss Cantons (2006); Financial Prosperity of Swiss Cantons (2006-2007); Ratio of Grants on Cantonal Revenue (2007) Index of Income and Federal Index of Property Tax Burden Financial Prosperity Cantons (Swiss average = 100) (Swiss average = 100) Financially potential cantons Zug 50.3 224 Basel-City 113.1 173 Geneva 89.8 152 Zurich 82.9 147 Nidwalden 79.1 128 Cantons with average financial potential Schwyz 66.5 110 Basel-Land 92.5 109 Aargau 87.4 108 Vaud 106.2 99 Schaffhausen 114.6 94 Ticino 64.6 88 Thurgau 86.6 86 St.
Der Einfluss der eidgenossischen Forstpolitik auf die forstliche Entwicklung im Kanton Nidwalden in der Zeit von 1876 bis 1980/196 Seiten.
The authors wish to thank the local forestry staff of the Cantons Schwyz (Felix Cuny), Nidwalden (Urs Braschler), Obwalden (Joseph Hess), and Glarus (Pascal Heldher) for providing the study objects, Prof.
From 1948 until his retirement in 1990, Odermatt was a traffic policeman in the remote Swiss canton of Nidwalden; a photo buff, he took it upon himself to supplement the diagrammatic drawings that were part of the normal documentation of traffic accidents with images from his Rolleiflex.
35749 0.76 1 0.5 Nidwalden 27492 0.58 1 0.5 Uri 25431 0.54 2 1 Glarus 24607 0.52 2 1 Obwalden 22541 0.47 1 0.5 Appenzell I.Rh.