Niels Stensen

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Stensen, Niels:

see Steno, NicolausSteno, Nicolaus
, Latinized form of Niels Stensen
, 1638–86, Danish anatomist, geologist, and Roman Catholic prelate. He lived principally in Copenhagen, Paris, and Florence.
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Large numbers of searches for biographies of 17th century Danish scientists are not common, but this story of Niels Stensen and his struggle to reconcile geological discoveries with his religious faith, could soon become the next big scientific book to crossover into the popular culture, and is already generating much search activity.
In the mid-1660s, Jan Swammerdam, Johannes van Horne, and Niels Stensen independently arrived at this hypothesis, but failed to publish their work immediately.
According to Jacques Berg, the impetus for his latest novel was the process begun in 1988 by the Roman Catholic Church to turn Niels Stensen into a saint.