Niemcewicz, Julian Ursyn

Niemcewicz, Julian Ursyn


Born Feb. 16, 1757 (according to other data, 1758), in Skoki, near Brest; died May 21, 1841, in Paris. Polish writer.

Niemcewicz was an adjutant to T. Kosciuszko, and he took part in the Polish Uprising of 1830. Among his best works are the political comedy The Return of the Deputy (1790), the novels Lejbe and Sióra (1821) and Jan of Tęczyn (1825), and the memoirs Diaries of My Time (1823–25). His Historical Songs, published in 1816, were highly regarded by K. F. Ryleev, who translated the ballad “Gliñski” from the collection.


Dzieta, vols. 1–5. Kraków, 1884–86.
In Russian translation:
“Leshek Belyi. Duma o Stefane Pototskom.” In N. V. Gerbel’, Poeziiaslavian. St. Petersburg, 1871.


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