Nietzki, Rudolf Hugo

Nietzki, Rudolf Hugo


Born Mar. 9, 1847, in Heilsberg, now Lidzbark Warmiński, Polish People’s Republic; died Sept. 28, 1917, at the Neckargemünd Sanatorium. Organic chemist of Polish descent.

Nietzki worked in Germany and Holland from 1871 to 1883. From 1884 to 1911 he worked at the University of Basel, becoming a professor in 1887. Nietzki synthesized and studied the structure of a number of dyes; he introduced several dyes into industry. In 1885 he developed a system for classifying synthetic dyes on the basis of their chief chromophores. In 1888, Nietzki proposed the quinonoid theory of chromaticity.


In Russian translation:
Khimiia organicheskikh krasiashchikh veshchestv. St. Petersburg, 1896.


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