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nidge, nig

In masonry, to dress the face of a stone with a sharply pointed hammer instead of a chisel and a mallet.
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For that matter, they were all loafing,--Buck, John Thornton, and Skeet and Nig,--waiting for the raft to come that was to carry them down to Dawson.
Unlike Skeet, who was wont to shove her nose under Thornton's hand and nudge and nudge till petted, or Nig, who would stalk up and rest his great head on Thornton's knee, Buck was content to adore at a distance.
Skeet and Nig were too good-natured for quarrelling,--besides, they belonged to John Thornton; but the strange dog, no matter what the breed or valor, swiftly acknowledged Buck's supremacy or found himself struggling for life with a terrible antagonist.
They were of the same large type as Thornton, living close to the earth, thinking simply and seeing clearly; and ere they swung the raft into the big eddy by the saw- mill at Dawson, they understood Buck and his ways, and did not insist upon an intimacy such as obtained with Skeet and Nig.
His first glance was for Buck, over whose limp and apparently lifeless body Nig was setting up a howl, while Skeet was licking the wet face and closed eyes.
We now prepared for a considerable walk--from Lucerne to Interlaken, over the Bru"nig Pass.
Our talk was mostly anticipatory of what we should see on the down-grade of the Bru"nig, by and by, after we should pass the summit.
About noon we arrived at the foot of the Bru"nig Pass, and made a two-hour stop at the village hotel, another of those clean, pretty, and thoroughly well-kept inns which are such an astonishment to people who are accustomed to hotels of a dismally different pattern in remote country-towns.
After dinner we talked with several Englishmen, and they inflamed our desire to a hotter degree than ever, to see the sights of Meiringen from the heights of the Bru"nig Pass.
At the Nig land block, the first three wells have been producing for more than twelve months with the first year calendar day rate averaging 1,415 Boe per day sales (21% liquids including liquids recovered at the gas plant).
'However, the investigation has revealed that instead of the Pilot revalidating his Medical Certificate, he conducted flight operations as the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) in flagrant disregard of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs).'
UK-based NIG, the broker-only commercial insurer arm of Direct Line Group, has said that the number of its policies had dropped in the first half of 2018.