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night crawler:

see earthwormearthworm,
terrestrial, cylindrical segmented worm of the class Oligochaeta. There are 2,200 earthworm species, found all over the world except in arid and arctic regions and ranging in size from 1 in. (2.5 cm) to the 11-ft (330-cm) giant worms of the tropics.
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Eamon had a certain skill at finding night crawlers. His grandfather's retirement sideline had been selling night crawlers from an old fridge on the back porch and Eamon had grown up with his grandparents--an arrangement struck early enough in life that it seemed almost ordinary.
Jerry Schleicher keeps an eye open for night crawlers to bait his hook when he goes fishing in Parkville, Missouri.
and night crawlers, quick and slick as your tongue, will stretch beneath
Equipment is simple--some bait (I prefer night crawlers and leeches), a lantern, spincast rod and reel, the "bullhead rig" (a weight at the end of the line and an extra "drop line" with a hook and worm attached above the weight), a needle-nose pliers, and you are ready to go.
After all they will be kidnapped by the mysterious night crawlers, who find in kidnapping an art that can be perfected to drive the relatives of the kidnapped into madness, because the Government is not really looking hard enough for them or even cares about finding them.
Lilly then decides to catch night crawlers and sell them to the people who go fishing on Sundays after church.
Weed ecologist Emilie Regnier of Ohio State University in Columbus and her colleagues conducted field experiments to determine how exotic European night crawlers, Lumbricus terrestris, affected the survival of the seeds of Ambrosia trifida, giant ragweed.
Anglers reported catching them on salmon eggs, night crawlers and various colors of Power Bait.
However, pontoon boat captain Butch Gioco reported everyone on his vessel was catching bluegills and a few small large-mouths on night crawlers.
I fear said letter might open a can of worms, but maybe you now how to calm night crawlers.
Their job is to catch night crawlers to use as bait.
Now for Sean and Nick the race against time is on to exterminate the creatures of the night - or they too could be joining the ranks of the night crawlers.