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Pilgrims who journeyed from Mina watched the night sky light up with flashes of lightning in Arafat.
A Starlight Reserve or Dark Sky Reserve is an area where natural night sky light conditions are kept intact.
Our weekend finished explosively as we watched the night sky light up at the annual Fireworks Concert.
It couldn't be a better time for you and your wife to see the night sky light up in hues of green, red, blue, and yellow.
For generations, they've lived seeing the night sky light up with an ominous orange glow when the volcano, one of the world's 16 most active ones, belches its fire up to heights that equal the Eiffel Tower.
The five-year project will see more than 50,000 ageing lighting columns replaced, providing safer streets with whiter light, cutting night sky light pollution and significantly increasing energy efficiency.
The fire brigade rushed to the scene after spectators at a football match heard the blast and saw the night sky light up.
The rain which started in the early evening lasted for less than an hour during which people coming in from the tent city of Mina watched the night sky light up with flashes of lightning
THOUSANDS of people watched the Cardiff night sky light up at the annual Sparks in the Park fireworks display.
The night sky lights up on Yas Island for Eid one last time at 9pm.
FAMILY FUN Winter Wonderland and ice rink It's really starting to feel like Christmas so why not make the most of the darker nights with some fun on the Winter Wonderland ice rink, which is now also undercover with a clear span roof and night sky lights? There's also a fairground ride, a big wheel and authentic Alpine Village.