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an urban-type settlement and administrative center of Pechenga Raion, Murmansk Oblast, RSFSR, located near Lake Kuets-Iarvi, with a railroad station 196 km northwest of Murmansk. Population, 18,800 (1973). The Pechenganikel’ mining and metallurgical combine is located in Nikel’.

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Dept of the Treasury in July declared that Soviet nickel exports produced by production facilities controlled by Noril'sk Nikel would be permitted to be imported into the U.S.
Wendy Nikel; THE CONTINUUM; World Weaver Press (Fiction: Science Fiction) 9.99 ISBN: 9780998702223
If Dillon and Ferneyhough represent the 'new complexity' end of the current contemporary music spectrum, there is also something of a rock sensibility running through this year's festival with European artists and ensembles including zeitkratzer, 2e2m, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, ensemble Nikel and Alexander Schubert revisiting classic rock scores by Lou Reed, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno and club culture.
Metaller ve agir metallerin bircogu (kalsiyum, sodyum, potasyum, demir, cinko, kobalt, bakir, nikel, mangan) canlilarin yasami icin gerekli karbon, azot ve fosfor kadar onemli nutrientler (iz element) arasindadir.
Across the border in Russia's Kola Peninsula, Kola MMC (part of the Nornickel group) operates a number of open-pit and underground coppernickel mines, with two smelters at Zapolyarny and Nikel. While sulphur dioxide emissions from the plants have been a long-standing issue in both Norway and Finland, The Barents Independent Observer recently reported that changes to the processing system at Zapolyarny, replacing roasting with briquetting, has cut emissions there substantially.
60 nm kalinliginda ince kesitler ultramikrotom (Ultracut EM UC7; Leica, Nussloch, Germany) cihazi ile formvar kapli 100 mesh nikel gridler (FF100-Ni; EMS, PA, USA) uzerine alindi.
In practice, this can be done by participating in the development of borderology in so-called mobile universities--after the model of the Bakhtin/Kant Institute in Nikel in the Russian/Norwegian border zone.
Ilginc olan durum ise kahve, sebze tursulari, nikel paralar, karbon kagitlar, talk pudrasi ve egzoz dumanin da bu kategoride yer almasidir (7).
In: Reid A, Jensen BB, Nikel J and Simovska V (eds) Participation and Learning: Perspectives on Education and the Environment, Health and Sustainability.