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an urban-type settlement and administrative center of Pechenga Raion, Murmansk Oblast, RSFSR, located near Lake Kuets-Iarvi, with a railroad station 196 km northwest of Murmansk. Population, 18,800 (1973). The Pechenganikel’ mining and metallurgical combine is located in Nikel’.

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Violetta Thompson, mother of Nikel Fortia, is behind her, searching the crowd for her own daughter and grandchildren.
Feshbach cites the example of Nikel, a town of 21,000 on the Norwegian border in Russia's extreme north.
The average life expectancy for males in Nikel is 50 years.
Size Of Each Bus Bar Is 6Mm Thick X 40Mm Width X 3 Metre Long Duly Nikel Plated - 12 Nos 3 Bus Bar Support Insulator Epoxy Block Size 50Mm Thick X 50Mm Width X 150Mm Long - 36 Nos.
Diger olgulara farkli bir alerjen madde ile gelisen kontakt dermatiti dislamak amaciyla standart seri yama testi uygulandi, ikisinde nikel ile pozitiflik saptandi.
Ten of the 19 smelter projects are to be operational in 2014 The 19 smelter projects are proposed by Pt Antam Tbk (5 units), PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (formerly PT Inco Tbk), PT Weda Bay Nikel, Meratus Jaya Iron & Steel, Indoferro, PT Sebuku Iron Lateritic Ore, PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk-POSCO, PT Nusantara Smelting, PT Indosmelt, Pendopo Coal Gasification, Pendopo Coal Upgrading, PT Dairi Prima Mineral, PT Agincourt Resources, PT Timah (Persero) Tbk, and PT Jinghuang Indonesia.
20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Chrysler Group LLC announced today the opening of Chris Nikel FIAT in Tulsa, Okla.
David Nikel, from the Cardinal Newman Heritage Project which has organised the trip, said: "This is a unique opportunity for all residents of Ladywood, young and old, from whatever faith, to learn about their area and the major impact Cardinal Newman had on it.
For this investigation a nikel base alloy powder Sulzer Metco[R] 15E and a 6mm of AISI 5140 steel plate as a substrate were used.
The key issue is one of power, namely the extent to which the teacher and students share the power and maintain transparency in the learning and decision making process (Reid, Jensen, Nikel, & Simovska, 2008).
Wiglusz R, Igielska B, Sitko E, Nikel G, Jarnuszkiewicz I.