Nikiforov, Mikhail Nikiforovich

Nikiforov, Mikhail Nikiforovich


Born Oct. 23 (Nov. 4), 1858, in Moscow; died there June 10 (23), 1915. Russian specialist in pathological anatomy.

In 1883, Nikiforov graduated from the medical faculty of Moscow University. In 1894 he became professor of pathological anatomy, and in 1897 director of the Institute of Pathological Anatomy at Moscow University. His principal works were concerned with the refinement of histological and bacteriologic methods, the histogenesis of granulation tissue, relapsing fever, and the morphology of chorioepithelioma. He was the author of an atlas of pathological anatomy. He founded an important school of specialists in pathological anatomy (A. I. Abrikosov, I. V. Davydovskii, V. T. Talalaev, and M. S. Mel’nikov-Razvedenkov, among others).


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