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Giovanni, (Yolande Cornelia, Jr.) Nikki

(1943–  ) poet, writer; born in Knoxville, Tenn. She studied at Fisk University, Tenn. (1960–61; B.A. 1964–67), the University of Pennsylvania (1967), and Columbia University (1968). Based in Cincinnati, she taught at many institutions, including Mount St. Joseph on the Ohio (1985). An African-American activist, she spoke out on family issues, as in The Woman and the Men (1975).
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This past year's group of distinguished jurors included artist Andres Serrano, poet Nikki Giovanni, Warhol Museum Director Eric Shiner, artist Wangechi Mutu and comic artist Dash Shaw.
Earlier in the month, the church hosted the Black Legends of Professional Basketball Foundation's exhibit of memorabilia from the New York Rens' and Harlem Globetrotters' early years (1900-1960) and a theatrical tribute to African American women, specifically Maya Angelou, Sojourner Truth and Nikki Giovanni performed by Lizzie Kimbrough.
The bookstore doubled as a lending library and meeting house where the "Harlem Professor" nagged neighborhood youths into reading even as he engaged leaders such as Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X and writers Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes and W.
For writers, students, librarians, and general readers, Fowler (English, Virginia Tech) examines the life and work of poet Nikki Giovanni, from her earliest volume of poetry, Black Feeling Black Talk, to the recent Bicycles.
1) Nikki Giovanni, a luminary of the Black Arts Movement and a professor at Virginia Tech who had personally confronted Cho in the semesters before the shooting, read her poem "We Are Virginia Tech" to the over-capacity audience in Cassell Coliseum, which seats 10,052.
SINGERS Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder and poet Nikki Giovanni were among those who took part in a four-hour ceremony honouring the legacy of murdered civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King.
The Center tapped historians, poets, writers, and literary scholars John Bracey, Hilary Holladay, Nikki Giovanni, Brenda Greene, Akasha Hull, Joyce Ann Joyce, M.
I wonder if he knows the soul-demolishing version of the same hymn that Nikki Giovanni recorded with the Harlem Community Choir?
Nikki Giovanni is a young black poet who is possibly more proud of her young 15 month old son than she is of all the poems she has ever written.
Other black poets, including Nikki Giovanni and Carolyn Rodgers, denounced the war.
Three girls on the coltish edge of adolescence walk by like a Nikki Giovanni poem, all syncopated rhythms and flirty half-aggression.
Featuring a "read-along" option and a bonus interview with author Nikki Giovanni, Lincoln and Douglass is a brief yet engrossing DVD based on a true story, and an excellent contribution to public library children's collections.