Nikolai Aleksandrovich Malyshev

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Malyshev, Nikolai Aleksandrovich


Born Nov. 23 (Dec. 6), 1911, in the village of Krapivino, in what is now Chka-lovsk Raion, Gorky Oblast. Specialist in hydraulic power engineering, water use management, and hydraulic engineering installations. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1976); Hero of Socialist Labor (1958). Member of the CPSU since 1942.

Malyshev graduated from the Leningrad Industrial Institute in 1934. From 1935 to 1941, he worked for the Volgostroi construction organization. In 1941 and 1942, he was on the staff of the Directorate of Defense Works. In 1942 and 1943, he worked on the construction of the Shirokovskii Hydroelectric Power Plant. From 1944 to 1947, Malyshev directed the development of a number of projects for hydraulic engineering installations, including work associated with the reconstruction of the Baltic-White Sea Canal and the construction of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Plant. In 1947 he became the deputy director of the S. Ia. Zhuk All-Union Project Surveying and Scientific Research Institute (Gidroproekt).

Malyshev’s main works deal with the development of designs for unique integrated hydroengineering complexes, including complexes on the Volga, Nile, and Euphrates rivers. Malyshev proposed and proved in practice the possibility of building high dams and high-power hydroelectric power plants on any natural foundations.

Malyshev received the State Prize of the USSR in 1951. He has been awarded two Orders of Lenin, three other orders, and various medals.

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