Nikolai Alekseevich Maklakov

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Maklakov, Nikolai Alekseevich


Born Sept. 9 (21), 1871; died Aug. 23, 1918, in Moscow. Russian political figure. Right-wing Constitutional Democrat (Cadet). Brother of V. A. Maklakov.

Maklakov served in the Ministry of Finance from 1900 to 1909 and as governor of Chernigov from 1909 to 1912. He was director (from December 1912) and minister of internal affairs (from February to July 1913). He was a member of the State Council from 1915. An extreme reactionary, in December 1916 he proposed that the tsar carry out a coup d’etat by dissolving the State Duma. On Feb. 27, 1917, he was arrested and, on a resolution of the Cheka, shot for his active counterrevolutionary activity.

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